Wedding Florist for Port Lympne

Port Lympne, with its stunning landscapes and breathtaking views, provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. By embracing a tropical theme, this special couple set out to create an experience that would leave a lasting impression on all their guests.

Wedding florist for Port Lympne | Image of a bride and groom holding a floral bouquet | orange wedding flowers

The Colour Palette: Bright Oranges

In the realm of vibrant and bold colors, bright oranges take center stage. This hue exudes warmth, energy, and excitement, making it an ideal choice for a tropical-themed wedding. Using the vibrant Bird of Paradise flower to break up the green foliage, and create a visual center piece, I was able to create a unique bridal bouquet, as well as buttonholes.

The Venue: Port Lympne

Port Lympne serves as a magical and unique setting for your big day. and is probabaly one of my fav Kent venues to adorn with wedding flowers With stunning natural foliage, we can incorporate that into your floral theme.

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