Five Christmas Display Ideas for Your Business

As the countdown to Christmas begins, it’s time to infuse your business with the magic of the season. Flowers by EG presents five commercial Christmas display ideas to decorate your business, spreading holiday joy and boosting your brand!

1. Wow Factor Florals for an Eye-Catching Display:

Captivate attention and invigorate your space with our “Wow Factor Florals.” Vibrant blooms and innovative designs create a spectacle that magnetises passersby and draws them into your establishment. This display will make your business a beacon of festive cheer.

Let’s not forget how a Christmas display like this will make a business “Instagrammable,” creating a visually captivating backdrop that prompts customers to share their experiences on social media, turning your establishment into a sought-after destination in the digital world.

Sophie tea art - front display festive dispay by flowers by EG

2. Bauble Heaven: Elevate Your Store’s Elegance

Transform your establishment into a jewel box with “Bauble Heaven.” Glistening ornaments and luxurious floral arrangements infuse opulence, inviting patrons to explore your offerings. This kind of elegant Christmas display screams opulence which was perfect for this high-end canterbury jeweller.

Christmas display Canterbury jeweler storefront- golds, greens and reds in festive bauble display

3. Pretty in Pinks: Infuse Charm into Your Setting

Create an inviting atmosphere with “Pretty in Pinks.” Soft hues and whimsical elements can adorn your space, beckoning customers to experience your services. This Christmas display perfectly complimented the services of the pop-up salon in London, designed with feminine feels and some added sparkle.

christmas business display for a salon | london christmas display for buisness

4. Natural Tones: Embrace Serenity and Wellness

Align your space with wellness values using “Natural Tones.” Earthy hues and eco-friendly materials radiate calmness, resonating with patrons seeking holistic experiences. This beautiful Christmas display served as an inviting space for customers at Holland and Barrett customers whilst matching their ethos of physical and mental wellbeing.

holland and barrett christmas display by flowers by eg

5. Festive Fusions: Blend Tradition and Modernity

Blend tradition with innovation through our “Festive Fusions.” Incorporate classic elements with a contemporary twist to create a unique display. This versatile d├ęcor theme sparks curiosity and engages customers, leaving a lasting impression on their holiday experience.

flower install for jewellery store Canterbury
festive twist on chsitmas dsiplay | flower by eg Christmas door decorating for business

The Impact:

These five distinct Christmas display themes offer businesses the opportunity to create immersive experiences, driving foot traffic and fostering engagement. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of these displays translates into free advertising through social media sharing, amplifying your brand’s visibility and resonance.

Let’s make your Christmas Display one to remember!

Christmas is just around the corner – Don’t miss the chance to elevate your business this holiday season. Contact Flowers by EG today to discuss how we can transform your space into a festive wonderland that captivates your audience and boosts your business.

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