5 Floral backdrops for your wedding

For your big day, you want it to be memorable and beautiful in every way possible. One way of achieving this is by incorporating a stunning floral display into your ceremony. Whether your taste is refined and elegant, or over the top and colourful, take a look at these 5 floral backdrops for your wedding to get inspired!

Radiant Glamour – Wedding flowers

If you’re after a wedding that oozes glamour and sophistication, then this backdrop is perfect for you. The combination of gold hints, proteas, and mixed pinks will create a romantic and luxurious feel that your guests won’t forget. The proteas in this design are unique and will help you stand out. The mixed pinks will help balance out the gold tones while also adding a touch of femininity. This style is perfect for a modern bride who loves all things glamorous.

Floral display over an outside canopy

Elegant Mantelpiece Floral Display

If you’re looking for a more intimate ceremony, a mantlepiece floral display might be what you need. This option can be customised to suit any colour scheme, making it incredibly versatile. You can use a mix of foliage, flowers, and candles to create an enchanting and cosy ambiance. Plus, this style is easy to set up and can be used for indoor or outdoor ceremonies. 

Wedding flower arrangement over a mantlepiece

Bohemian Floral Hoop for your Wedding Flowers

A floral hoop is perfect for a bohemian bride who wants to add a touch of whimsy to her wedding. This type of floral display is great for outdoor ceremonies or receptions. You can use a variety of flowers and greenery to create a unique and personalised design. This is also an excellent option if you want a smaller backdrop that is still eye-catching. Choosing a bold colour palette like the use of strong purples in this arrangement, make it hard not to admire the beauty in this wedding flower arrangement. 

Purple and Pink Floral Hoop

Traditional Floral Archway in Church Doors

If you’re having a traditional church wedding, a floral archway in the church doors is a stunning way to make an impact. This type of floral display can be customised to suit your preferences and is perfect for larger weddings. You can choose any colour scheme and add additional details such as ribbons or lights to make it more unique. This backdrop will create a beautiful entrance for the bride and groom and will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Image of bride and groom kissing in front of a floral archway | Wedding flowers

Relaxed Floral Mandap for your Wedding Flowers

Image of a Floral Mandap for an Indian Wedding | Wedding Flowers Kent

A floral mandap is perfect for a traditional Indian wedding. This type of floral display is usually a four-pillared structure that is used for the wedding ceremony. You can use a mix of flowers and greenery to create a unique design that matches your colour scheme. The mandap is a symbol of the universe and is a sacred space, so adding floral arrangements to it will create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

Wedding flowers are an essential part of creating a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony. Whether you prefer a refined and elegant backdrop or a colourful and extravagant display, there are many options available to suit your style. Incorporating one of these 5 stunning floral backdrops into your wedding will make your day even more special and unforgettable.

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