Wedding at Hayne House

Recently, we had the opportunity to create floral arrangements for a stunning Wedding Shoot at Hayne House. The theme was a soft, peachy palette interspersed with abundant foliage and the textured touch of fluffy pampas grass.

Soft Peachy Hues: The Colour Palette

The soft, warm, peachy tones were chosen to evoke an air of romance and warmth. These hues unified the wedding flowers together, from the delicate bridal bouquet to the enchanting table centerpieces. Their subtle vibrancy played a crucial role in breaking up the colour continuity, introducing a delicate charm that beautifully contrasted and complemented the venue’s innate elegance.

The Venue: Hayne House

With the option for an outdoor ceremony, why not add some visual elegance by including floral arrangements to the bottom of the outdoor pergola.

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